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Yoga is nature.  To experience nature is to be in yoga and to be connected to all life.


What is Eka Loka Yoga?  In Sanskrit, eka loka yoga literally translates to “one world yoga,” and ekaloka as one word means “ecology,” signifying the interdependence of all things.  The realization that nothing exists by itself is key to understanding our role in the natural balance of our world.  Yoga as a word in Sanskrit means to yoke, or union, particularly the Soul of the Universe (Purusa) with Nature (Prakrti).  Yoga is a scientific, yet spiritual approach towards self-realization, and it is this realization that allows us to project the best in ourselves as well as promote the best in others.  Working towards solutions to the world’s most common social issues begins with each individual seeking knowledge of both the internal and external and realizing an innate connection to nature and the interdependence of all things.  This interconnection leads to an understanding that practicing yoga is more than just learning to flow through postures on the mat; it’s learning to flow through life liberated in sacred community!

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