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Vision & Mission

Eka Loka Yoga’s vision is to provide yoga-based education with a focus in eco-spirituality that extends a positive impact on our world. 


Our spiritual faith is rooted in the awareness of the interdependence of all life and promotes respect for the natural balance of our existence.  When we are rooted in our practice with the mysticism of nature, we cast off our egos to witness and become open and vulnerable to the elements.  These experiences provide an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves and our relationships with others and the natural world, exhibiting our soulful love and devotion to the Divine within and around us (bhakti yoga). 



Eka Loka Yoga’s mission is to lead students towards a movement of global, environmental, and social action through yoga-based education in a sacred community. 


Our trainers, staff, and guest speakers are experts in their respective fields and represent a professional level of quality yoga-based education.  We are devoted to creating the space and opportunity for students to explore the many facets of yoga education that help us to connect with our natural surroundings and to realize our own impacts so that we may inspire lasting changes.  Eka Loka Yoga believes seeking knowledge (jñana yoga) is an important step towards social action (karma yoga) by becoming aware of our world’s issues and implementing sustainable solutions.  It is our duty (dharma) and responsibility to seek viable answers to aggregate issues to protect the life forms that do not have a voice, displaying compassion and non-violence (ahimsa) towards all beings of our sacred community.


Om Shanti, Namaste!



The Making of Eka Loka Yoga and Wellness - video link from LMU: 

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