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"Only a profound inward revolution which alters all our values can create a different environment, an intelligent social structure, and such a revolution can be brought about only by you and me.  No new order will arise until we individually break down our own psychological barriers and are free."  


Jiddu Krishnamurti

200-Hour YTT

Discover yoga on a whole new level!  Whether you are interested in advancing your practice or becoming a yoga educator, Eka Loka Yoga’s 200-hour Multidisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training offers practitioners a deeper understanding of the many facets of yoga as well as promotes social awareness through an emphasis in nature mysticism and eco-spirituality.  This training is unique in its approach, offering exposure to a variety of yoga disciplines to give each student the opportunity to explore and embody the vast layers of yoga.  In this training students will learn:


  • Yoga history and philosophy

    • Introduction to various yoga influences, philosophies/principles, and Sanskrit language

  • Yoga anatomy and physiology

    • Experiential yoga anatomy, chakras, koshas, Ayurveda

  • Asana, pranayama, yoga bodywork, meditation techniques and adaptations for special populations

    • Includes healing modalities and an overview of various modifications

  • The business of Yoga and application to modern social consciousness

    • Eco-consumerism, natural and organic alternatives for healthy living, emotional equality


This program is designed to develop and harness the positive energy of not only the individual, but also that of community.  Students will be participating in a community seva (service) project prior to graduation.  Each student will gain skills necessary to design and teach a beginner to level 1-2 yoga class in a style of their choosing. 

Registration closed - check back soon!
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